Wakefern Food Corp. is pleased to announce the successful development of an expanded website for our vendors. As a result of our continuous endeavor to reduce cost in the supply chain and improve our customer services with the vendor community we have developed the “Vendor A/P Status Inquiry” application.
The Vendor A/P Status Inquiry application will provide trading partners with the ability to:
  • Conduct on-line electronic inquiries
  • Access the status of their invoices and purchase orders
  • View check information and the appropriate backup for selective types of deductions.

You will have access to an online list of Wakefern names and telephone numbers to assist you.

The requirements are a PC, Internet access, and password authorization for access. If you encounter technical issues please contact the Wakefern Help Desk at 732-225-8095.

  • APC running Windows 95 or higher
  • Note for Netscape Users – This application WILL NOT work with Netscape.
  • Note for Internet Explorer Users – This application is certified to run with both Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0. Wakefern strongly recommends the use of Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0.
  • Note for AOL Users – The system cannot be accessed by using the AOL browser. To access the system, you must minimize the AOL application and open another session using your web browser Internet Explorer.

The Internet Vendor Inquiry application will help to drive cost out of the systems by reducing the amount of time spent on telephone calls, postage and vendor letters/faxes, while significantly improving our turn around time for providing you with quick and timely feedback. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to add value and improve our services to our Trading partners. It is important that you follow all of the steps laid out in the document for a smooth and error free start-up.

To access the Wakefern web page, you must first complete the Wakefern Direct Access Agreement (see Vendor Forms page — “Agreement Regarding Direct Access — Vendor A/P Status Inquiry”).
Make sure that you include “middle initials” in the names if applicable and submit all ten pages of the agreement.  Also provide us with an address, telephone number, email address, and fax number, to return your copy of the executed agreement.
Once we have received the original signed agreement, we will assign a user ID and a password.

Return the “Direct Access Agreement” to: Wakefern Food Corp. PO Box 7812 Edison, NJ 08818-7812 Attn: A/P – P7-125 With a copy to: Wakefern Food Corp. 5000 Riverside Drive Keasbey, NJ 08832 Attn: James F. Watson, Esq.