Since our founding in 1946, Wakefern has provided its cooperative members with exceptional services and outstanding value, building trust and loyalty among the retail entities it serves. Our mission statement — Helping Small Business Succeed in a Big Business World® — means providing entrepreneurs and independent retailers with the necessary tools to thrive in a competitive market. This goal is especially vital to the independent grocer as it becomes increasingly difficult to compete with multinational chains.

Members of the Wakefern cooperative benefit from the company’s $10 billion purchasing power and unmatched support services, including:

  • Private label brand development
  • Advertising support
  • Category management
  • Engineering services
    • Store layout and design
    • Equipment purchasing
    • Energy procurement services
    • Construction management
    • Store quality assurance and inspections
  • Store quality assurance and inspections
    • Data warehousing and data marketing
    • Financial support services
    • Payroll processing and labor scheduling
    • Complete accounting general ledger and accounts
    • payable/receivable services
    • Expansion financing and incentive programs
    • Financial analysis
    • Human resources consultation
    • Employment hiring, recruiting, placement, staffing and networking services
    • Business risk management
  • Health & wellness services
  • Marketing
    • Market research
    • Consumer research
    • Merchandising
  • Retail store development
    • Education and training in the fields of business and project management, customer service, career development, time management, communications, leadership, diversity, writing and grammar, labor relations, computers, software, human resources, marketing, butchering and baking
    • Product merchandising
    • Inventory management and loss prevention
    • Customer service and customer care (call center)
    • Insurance
    • Retail IT consultation, IT systems monitoring
    • Direct store delivery purchasing and back room control
    • Order fulfillment and supply chain management
    • Providing online software for supermarket sales data reports
  • Pharmacy support services
  • Media and public relations


Providing the tools entrepreneurs need to stay a step ahead of the competition, Wakefern’s wholesale client base benefits from the company’s extensive portfolio of services, including innovative technology, private label development and best-in-class procurement practices.

Wakefern operates its wholesale business with integrity, focusing on and consistently meeting the unique needs of its retail customers. From supplying produce and frozen foods to meats and dairy, Wakefern is continuously scaling its business and emphasizing teamwork to provide outstanding services that enable its wholesale customers to deliver constant value at the store level. In addition to a milk processing and distribution facility and a seafood processing plant, wholesale customers can benefit from a wide range of capabilities offered through Wakefern, including:

  • transportation
  • quality assurance
  • category management
  • financial support services
  • store development
  • technical support

For more information on Wakefern’s wholesale services, please contact the Wholesale division at (732) 906-5934.


Wakefern Food Corp. maintains strong vendor partnerships and agreements that support its retail and wholesale businesses. If you are interested in establishing a vendor partnership with Wakefern, please contact:

Phone: (800) 339-0495 Email: