Sustainability/Environmental Programs

Did you know we have been active in environmental and community initiatives for more than four decades? It’s true! We have always considered protecting the environment and helping our communities as the “right thing to do.”


Grocery Bag Reduction

Our stores promote bag reuse and provide a broad assortment of reusable bags for shoppers. ShopRite is all about choice and offers three carry-out grocery bag options (paper, plastic and reusable “canvas”). Plastic bag recycling bins are located at the front of each store. Reusing, recycling and reducing the number of bags you use means less trash is sent to the landfill and fewer environmental resources are wasted.


Recycling Center

We also help keep other materials out of the waste stream and operate our very own recycling center in Elizabeth, NJ. The facility, which operates just about “24-7,” has recycled over 2 MILLION TONS of materials since first opening in the late 1970s! In 2016 alone, our stores recycled 143,965 tons of waxed and corrugated cardboard, 3,883 tons of plastics, 983 tons of newspaper, 281 tons of office paper and 57 tons of metal. The recycling program is always growing, and we recently added plastic receipt spool cores and ShopRite gift cards! ShopRite Earth News To help educate customers and communities, we publish an environmental newsletter called ShopRite Earth News. This award-winning publication informs our customers about how they can become more “green” by reducing their own energy and water use, composting at home to reduce waste and many other ways they can help reduce their impact on the environment.


ShopRite Earth Day Challenge

The annual “ShopRite Earth Day Challenge” dares volunteers to beautify their communities by cleaning up litter at local parks and beaches. In 2016, approximately 6,000 volunteers—wearing donated gloves and using donated trash bags—gathered to clean up 130 locations in five states. That’s just about 40,000 volunteers participating in the challenge over the past eight years! Call 1-800-ShopRite for more information.


Associate Green Teams

Green teams are groups of store associates who voluntarily work together to make our stores more sustainable. Our ShopRite Associates educate themselves, so they can communicate better with customers and co-workers. Right now we have more than 100 retail green teams, and the number keeps growing!


Awards and Certifications

Our stores have been recognized by numerous organizations for our sustainability efforts and for taking big steps to reduce waste, conserve energy and water, and feed the hungry, as well as sponsoring more than 25 environmental organizations. In 2016, many of our stores participated in the Food Recovery Challenge and partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to reduce food waste by recycling, composting and increasing food donations. In addition, more and more ShopRite Stores are receiving Grocery Stewardship Certification (GSC). GSC is the nation’s first and only grocery sustainability certification program, which provides store leaders with a framework for systematizing sustainability practices at retail and increases employee engagement with decreasing environmental impact.